Hello everyone.

This is my first post here. I built my first VW 1600cc about six years ago so I'm still a newbie with much more to learn. I've got a 1600cc stock engine that I'm rebuilding and found my cylinders aren't setting on the case square. I had a guy with a machine in his garage mill the decks, took off .010". All four cylinders make contact near the top of the case and are as much as .025" gap in other areas. I suspect he didn't have the case halves square with his machine. Not sure I'd trust him to correct the problem if he couldn't do it correctly the first time and he was 2.5 hours away.

I assume this analysis is correct, though I did put in 11 case savers and it looks like the studs are not inhibiting the cylinder installation. Could there be another reason I'm missing why the cylinders and deck are not mating?

I've spent a day on the phone calling machine shops with no luck for deck milling. Can anyone refer me to a source in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, or northwest Indiana?

Other question: The gasket kit I got had four paper gaskets to put between the deck and cylinders. I've had other gasket kits without them. Are the necessary or are they an "if you got them use them" kind of a thing?

Thanks for your help.
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