I have to change out the electrical module in my ignition switch, and I'd rather not to more than I need to. My (insert C-word here,,,well, all right, "Chilton's"), never too clear at the best of times, seems to say that I have to remove the steering wheel to slide the ignition switch out the front of its place in the steering column.

Is that right? Do I have to take off the steering wheel?

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When I bought my Super the ignition switch would not turn. A locksmith came to dealership and repaired the lock while still in the car.

The factory workshop manual (you should have one) explains removing the switch like this;

-Remove the steering wheel
-Remove the turn signal and wiper switch
-Unplug the wiring harness from the switch
-Using a nail, depress the retaining spring on the lock cylinder
-Remove the lock by turning the key and pulling the lock cylinder out of the housing

To re-install;

-If the lock cylinder has a black cap, install the cylinder by pushing it in without a key. Then use the key to turn the cylinder to the left and check operation
-If the lock cylinder has no black cap, install the cylinder with the key in the lock. Then turn the cylinder to the left stop position and remove the key

Sounds simple

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Believe it or not, not all years use the same parts or require the same procedure...

seattlebug, yours is a `74, correct?
I'll post the procedure from the Bentley manual for you when I get home. You really need to toss that Chilton's and get a Bentley.
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I guess so. Trouble has been that the forty dollars for one has always been weighed in the balance against, oh, weatherstripping or brake pads (front discs, you see) or a headliner or a tire and such, and found wanting.

Still, the more I use the Chilton's the less I like it. I really should bite the bull by the horns and get a Bentley. Sigh. Running shoes or Bentley? Headlight buckets or Bentley? Wiper motor or Bentley?

Am I beating my head against a dead horse?

If the car weren't so darn much fun it'd be easier to decide these things.   
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I have a 78 convertible super and when I changed the electrical switch I had to drill a small hole in the housing to get to the retaining clip that pulls the lock Cly. loose.  After I drilled the right size hole that the Bentley manual called for I found something sharp and stuck it in the hole to press in on the retaining clip which released the lock Cly.

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