Dear Members,

With the up and coming Holiday season right around the corner, there is no better time to start making your project wish list.  To help our fellow members get their projects moving in the right direction, and to help with the current exchange rate, we will be offering a small promotion on our 901, 914 and 915 based kits and Shifters

901/914 Promotion:
For our 901 and 914 Customers we will be discounting our base kits components.

Item                                                                Price Xmas Promo
Nose cone short 901/914 aluminum cast                 $264.85 $252.24
Traverse front mount al. cast                               $252.81 $240.78
Traverse rear steel laser cut powder coated            $96.31 $91.72
Pair of axle flanges with dia type 1 (78 mm)             $313.01 $303.89
Pair of axle flanges with dia 944/T2 (86 mm)            $349.13 $338.96
Clutch cable mounting plate                                  $24.08 $22.93
Clutch cable connector                                        $33.71 $32.10
Inside shift rod like 901/914 1.7                             $84.27 $80.26

Bonus 1: When a member purchases the nosecone, front traverse and rear support, for the 901 and 914 based kits, we will include the clutch cable adapter plate, and the clutch cable extender (an almost $60 US dollar value) as part of the purchase.   These partial kits, contains the key components to allow the do-it-yourselfer to undertake the 5-Speed conversion, yet allow for enough flexibility to allow the hobbyist to tailor the project to their liking.   These kits enable the fitment of a Porsche 901 and 914 Gearbox into a Type I based IRS chassis. 

Bonus 2: If customer purchases the Bugat5speed Flanges or a Shifter also as part of our partial 901/914 kit, we will offer an additional discount off the 901/914 conversion parts (Nosecone, Front Traverse, Rear Support, and Flanges)

915 Promotion:
For our Higher Horsepower Customers we will be offering a promotional discount on the 915 kit components.  915 Kits consist of (Nosecone, Front traverse and Rear Support).

Item                                                               Price  Xmas Promo
Nose cone short 915 aluminum cast                      $421.36 $383.05 
Traverse front mount al. Cast                              $300.97 $273.61
Traverse rear steel powder coated with blocks        $168.54 $153.22
Pair of axle flanges w/ dia. 944/T2 (86 mm)            $361.16 $328.33

Shifter Promotion:
We will be offering our Beetle Style and Porsche Style “aka Square Shifter” at a very good discount.

Item                                                                 Price Xmas Promo
5-speed shifter 901/914 Bug @ 5-Speed                 $421.36 $366.40
5-speed shifter 915 Bug @ 5-Speed                       $457.47 $397.80
Porsche Style aka square Shifter 901/914/915          $565.25 $491.52

Misc Items Promotion:
Item                                                                 Price  Xmas Promo
High torque starters                                            $300.97 $286.64
Oil sump for Subaru (flat aluminum cast)                 $385.24 $350.22

Currently all Bugat5speed items are in stock, except for the early 901 nosecones which are going to the foundry, will then be machined in January asap.

Offer and promotional pricing will be good through the holiday season, but purchases and payment have to be made NLT 11 Jan 2009.

Payment Details: Method of Payment is Bank Check, Money Order or PayPal (plus 3% Transaction Fee).

Please contact us if you have questions at Bugat5speed@yahoo.com.

Thank you and Happy Holiday’s
Alex and Martin

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