For the first 10-15 minutes the clutch grabs, and shakes the car a little bit. Not so after it warms up.

Inspected clutch/flywheel/pressure plate--no oil. Replaced transaxle mounts.
There are spotty dark marks on flywheel, but it seems smooth.

One of the four studs connecting motor to transaxle is broken.  Can you buy some special bit to remove stud?

Any ideas?

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Depending on which stud is broken, you pretty well have to pull the engine to tackle the problem.  One old trick, once you have the engine pulled, is to weld the head of a bolt onto the broken stud.  Apply a dose of Release-All (preferred) or WD-40 (OK) to the area where the broken stud meets the case.  Let it sit.  Apply some heat to the case area.  Tap the end of the bolt lightly with a hammer to break the rust crystals then try to back out the bolt-stud unit.  It may take  a couple of tries.  Failure pretty well means a trip to the automotive machine shop.  There are Easy-out screw extractors but success with them is pretty dicey and if you break off one of them in the stud you have a whole new world of pain to deal with.
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