hi everyone. i have a 1971 superbeetle. of late, ive been experiencing problems with my clutch. once the engine is hot, usually on a return trip but not always, the clutch starts slipping alot. not in first or second gear alot, usually 3rd and 4th, especially if trying to increase speed rapidly or climb hills, as i depress the pedal, the car seems to gain momentum and speed, then slowly the motor RPMs just keep rising with no power going to the wheels.. if i back off and depress the pedal a little less, its sorts itself out, but lost alot of power... what does this seem like? how much in AU$ to fix roughly? can a part be fixed or the whole clutch system??? all help appreciated. thanks.
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Hi and g'day mate and welcome to the world of VW.  You are describing the classic symptoms of a burnt out clutch.  If you can handle the task of removing your engine, which sounds ominous but is well within the capability of a shade tree do-it-yourself mechanic with a few decent tools, you can replace your clutch.  There are a few things you need to know.  Why did the clutch burn out?  Not a dumb question.  If it is a case of old age, the disc is just worn out then it is not a huge deal.  Buy a replacement set  ( disc and pressure plate ) and go to town.   BUT  - If you remove the engine and the whole  area of the clutch is bathed in engine oil you  have an all new problem which must be cured before you install that new clutch.  It could be a leak from the case or more likely the  crankshaft seal is shot.  Have you been using a lot of oil?   If you are going down this road, you should do it right the first time.  Buy a matched set.  It may be tempting to buy just the disc and this may give you a serviceable clutch but for the additional cost of a new pressure plate you may just save having to remove the whole works again if the original pressure plate was getting weak and was causing the slippage which burnt out the disc in the first place!  While you are at it, buy a new throw-out bearing if the old one is burnt blue or is rattling.  You can price all of the stuff you need by searching pages 78-80 of their catalogue.  As you will see, clutch prices vary according to where the products are manufactured.  $69.95 ( US) will get you a pressure plate, disc and throw-out bearing ( part # VWC 211 140 025 BKIT ) which will serve your purposes as long as you are not needing high performance stuff.  Two other points to consider    1.  What kind of shape is your flywheel in ?  If that big wheel shaped thing attached to your engine has been damaged by the slipping clutch, you should remove it and have a machine shop reface the contact surface.  Remember to tell them that it is a stepped flywheel which requires a corresponding cut at the top rim of the flywheel.  A good machine shop will know this.  2.  Get a clutch installation kit ( $ 3.95 US ) C 13-32-1204   It will make aligning the clutch so easy.  Good luck with the project.  Here's hoping that the inside of that bell housing is nice and dry.   Dan in Goderich, Ont. Canada     MY 72BUG

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