I have a 72 Super Beetle and think I am missing something from the front defroster. If you look through the defrost vents from the cabin, you can see into the front trunk area. When you drive, air comes into the cabin from the front. It seems like there is a piece missing that connects to the heater box (don't think that's the correct name for it) in the front above the gas tank to the defrost vent. I have searched online and in numerous catalogs but haven't been able to find anything. Is there something that is supposed to go there and if so, any idea where to get them (and what they are called).

'72 Super Beetle
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I think that you are talking about what VW called "Fresh air ducts". Does it look like they would connect to the air box that sits in the middle of the front trunk area right by the wipers, There should be a grill on the hood where fresh air would be drawn in and be piped through the box and in to the cabin. If this is what you are talking about you will have to start looking in the bone yards for donor parts cars as I don't think you will find them new anymore.
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Yes, You shouldn't be able to look into the trunk thru those vents...
air the vents still there... ? probably Yes..
but the plastic Y shaped parts are probably missing
the heater is attached to the fresh air vents with plastic pieces plus small pieces of hose connecting them together..
and the cool air would be coming from the fresh air box that sits under the vent in the bonnet..
You can close off the holes in the sides of the fresh air box..
to stop most of the air..
however some air will still come in from between the bonnet and the rubber seals..
You can also tape over the holes in the dash that the cool air comes from... I did all this recently when on a long cold trip..
I have all of My parts but haven't finished ataching them all as yet... [only been 11 years]

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Look up then click on "illustrated picture catalog 1302/1303" then scroll down to 71 to see your fresh air fan box & 2 speed motor then scroll to 70 to see the parts you need. Bought what I needed from Barnums Bug Barn (junkyard) on Vssar Rd. near Millington MI. The pipes I needed between the defroster parts and fan box I made from cans the right size from my recycle bin. Wrapped 'em all up with electrical tape, works great, even the 2 speed fan!

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