Hi all,

I just got a new 1600 for my Thing but I'm not sure where I position the motor when I put the distributor drive shaft in. I want to ensure I don't screw up the timing. How do I know where I should have the motor ie. #1 at TDC etc. Thanks.

Rob Hall

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Here's a link to our Tech Talk with Rick section at SuperBeetles.com. It covers points and condenser change with the distributor out. Maybe this can help:



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Hi Rob,


I don't think it matters, so long as the bottom of the distributor shaft offset fits into the drive offset in the engine...


but if You set the timing at TDC on No 1 then the rotor button should point to the timing mark [approx]... or the fan belt ..


the manual says it can only be fitted one way....

so maybe some people put the dizzy cap on 180 degrees out...??

as that is a common mistake...





Lee Noonan
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