So on my way home from work my door flew open and that's the last time I've been able to keep it closed.  The latch on the door is sloppy.  I removed the panel and found a very small spring with one end broken.  A little eye hook.  I was able to get this fixed, but now I am unable to determine where it goes.  Am I faced with taking the window and the track assembly out to get this put in? 

I wanted to see if anyone has had this issue before I start tearing into the passenger door for answers.

It's a 69.


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When I did the rebuild inside the doors of MY72BUG I had to remove the latch and did not need to remove the track assembly.  It was, as I remember,  some pretty tight quarters but there was a way.  You may have to remove the pin which holds the winder mechanism onto the track which holds the glass.  Then raise the glass up and out of the way.  Then move the winder back down.  Try this before you remove the track.
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