Here in the next few months when I have some money saved up, I'm going to be replacing the front axle on my '69 beetle.  I'm looking at buying the entire spindle-to-spindle deal.  I'll get the stock height, not the one that lowers.  I'm curious how difficult it is to do the conversion from drum to disk brakes while I'm at it?  If I do the conversion, do I need to get a special brake master cylinder... like something that provides more pressure?  It may not be worth it, aside from some rust, the front brakes seem ok and could maybe be rebuilt?

I'm also going to go ahead and get a new steering box at that time.  I rebuilt the one I have now about 5 years ago along with new tie rod ends.  Any other ideas on stuff I should throw on the wish list for this project?  Is it time for new tie rod ends also?

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There are great all inclusive kits out there.  Last summer I bought one for MY72BUG a model 1302 Super Beetle convertible.  For an average shade tree mechanic the job is a walk in the park.  I did mine in about three hours one Saturday afternoon.  They give you the pads, rotors, bearings, calipers, and flex lines.  Everything fits like a glove and the results are well worth it.  You don't need to change the master cylinder although I did on  mine just for the peace of mind.  More people tend to swear at the old four drum brake set up than swear by it.  It is not for any reason other than pure stopping power that front drums went the way of the dodo and discs took their place.  As for the tie rod ends, get someone to move the steering wheel back and forth while you look for any movement in the joint.  It should be smooth with no movement within the joint itself.  Look also to the idler arm again smooth movement with no movement within the joint.  Bleed all of the old brake fluid out.  Check the rear flex lines for cracks and interior deterioration.  Check that the rear drums are not worn bell shaped and are within the maximum diameter values.  Do it all up and you should have real stopping power and a nice handling bug.  good luck with the project and think safety first.  Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich
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I bought a CB Performance 4 wheel disks for my Bug 2 years ago.

It has the lines, disks,, spindles etc.

It did have 1 bad caliper but they replaced it when I notified them.

Not too bad to do.

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