Finaly found a heater at a geat price, what am I sayin it was a stealbut now where does it go, it's an Eberspacher BN2 if any boby can post a pic of their's that would be geat

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Hi.  I can't manage a picture, I can't even find a picture of one in my books but if you are talking about the torpedo shaped gas heater, which was very popular up here in Canada, they used to mount them on top of the gas tank toward the driver's side of the car.  Be very careful what you are doing as mistakes can lead to a crispy car.  I contemplated one very briefly but one of the old VW veterans talked me out of it.  As he put it :    "There are only a few people left who know how to work on those things.  I know that you aren't one of them, and I wouldn't even trust my own work. " Enough said.  Good luck regardless.  MY 72 BUG
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I just  typed in the word Eberspacher BN2 Heater in the yahoo search engine and there are several sites explaining it.  One of them is at this site  So do a search and maybe you can get all the info you need and as Dan says,"Don't set your car on fire".

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