hello everyone. i'm new to the forum. my 13 yr old son & I have a 73 beetle project we're doing together. I have to rewire the whole car b/c the previous owner had an electrical melt down. Who makes the best, complete & easy to install wiring harness ?
& where can I buy it ?
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Hi clayman and welcome to the forum:  I can't see clearly from the picture whether your Beetle is a standard bug or a Superbeetle.  If it is a Super you can readily obtain a wiring harness from the engine compartment to the fusebox but the front harness is a bit of dicey prospect.  Check out CIP 1 and enter wiring harness in the part search.  Read the descriptions and you will see what I mean.  They are a good supplier.  Try also Mid America Motorworks.  Do not confuse or try to mix parts between a standard bug and a Superbeetle.  The dashboards on them are radically different.  There is a " Bug me " video for wiring harness installation which you may want to consider.  If your spare tire stores flat in the luggage compartment and you have MacPherson struts and coil springs under your front fenders, you have a Superbeetle.  If not, yours is a standard bug and a complete wiring harness is available.  Let us know how the project comes along.  Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich, Ont.
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