Hi all, I really hope someone here can help me with this problem - it's been driving me mad.

I have a 1972 Beetle 1300 that's been running great except for one problem. If I push in the clutch after running the engine at speed for a few minutes (e.g. stopping at lights/junction) the engine revs drop and it stalls. To revive it I need to give it loads of gas, at least half the available, once I've released the clutch.
The engine idles fine at any other time and the auto choke seems to be working. The problem only occurs when the revs drop suddenly after a while of high revs.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!!


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Hi Roobarb: Welcome to the world of VW.  Your problems can stem from a number of sources which you must systematically eliminate.  A sweet operating engine has the correct fuel-air mixture arriving in the combustion chamber where it is given reliable equal compression followed by a healthy spark arriving at the correct time.  Take away any of these and you have a non-operational or poorly operating engine.
     If pumping extra fuel seems to help the problem, suspect dirty fuel lines filled with years of sediment and gum, a weak fuel pump where the pump rod is sticking or a carb which is in need of a rebuild.  Look in the throat of the carb.  ( it is a stock PICT carb I assume )  In there you will find a series of double holes right in the  wall of the carb.  They must be free of varnish and the build up of gums  etc.  The holes deliver fuel to become part of the mixture.  If they are plugged you will lose your idle.  This is a good point of departure.  Rebuild the carb, add an in-line fuel filtre between the fuel pump and the carb.  Pull the fuel line off of the carb and place the end of it in a glass jar.  Have someone crank the engine.  Does the fuel pump produce a strong steady stream? or a lame dribble?  Try these suggestions and let me know how it goes.    Dan ( MY72Bug ) in Goderich, Ont.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I recently replaced the fuel line and cleaned the tank, I checked the flow and it's fine. The carb's OK but I found a damaged Ignition lead while I was tinkering. The new set and plugs I've installed have reduced the problem but it still happens occasionally. It'll be a while now before I get some more time to fix it. Thanks for the help.


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Sounds like the carburetor idler jet is running out of fuel...

when You pump it, the accelerator pump squirts fuel into the intake...

and keeps the engine going...

What carburetor and distributor do You have??

Solex 32 PICT 2 ?

Does Your distributer have a vacuum diaphram on the side, and a small hose going to the carburetor?

Where are You located?   the UK I'm guessing...

as late model 1300s are rare in Australia and non existant in North America...




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