I have a 1968 Beetle.  It starts fine and runs good, but after I drive it 3 to 8 miles at around 50 mph, it stalls, like it runs out of gas.  It is hard to start after that and will only drive about a hundred yards and then dies again.  Once I get it home and it sits for a while, it starts fine and runs good, and the whole thing starts over. 


I have checked my fuel pump and it is pumping fuel.  I have replaced the gas tank and gas lines and filters.  Problem still there. 


Please help.

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Have you taken the carb out to see if it is clogged with sediment from the old tank? Here's a link to a page on how to clean your carb up;




It couldn't hurt.

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Haven't taken the carb off yet.  Does it sound like that could cause my problem? 

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That could easily be the problem. If everything else has been cleaned or replaced that's the next obvious culprit. I just went through something similar with my 59. It sat with gas in the tank for way too long. I pulled it and cleaned it, or so I thought, and put it back in. Got everything back together and it would run for a few minutes and then cut out real bad then die. Kept changing the filters until I thought I had it all out. The filters had no sign of crud in them. Checked my carb and it was full of tiny rust particles. It managed to get through the system and jam everything up. Cleaned the carb and so far so good. Try that link Wayne gave you and I'd be willing to bet it helps a lot. Good Luck!

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i had an identical problem! (see my post "faulty fuel pump = break down") it turned out that my ignition coil was buggered and needed replacing. APPARANTLY, with the hotter weather here in Aus, when the coils in the bugs get hot and are old, they can stop igniting.. i replaced my coil now all is fine..
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Well all is well.  I am not sure which item fixed the problem but here is a list of the things I replaced and it runs fine now:


  new gas tank

  new gas filters

  new gas lines

  new fuel pump

  new coil

  new carburator

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