I am new to the aircooled scene. I have recently purchased a VW T25 Camper. The camper is fitted with an 2000cc engine which seems to go well. I have fully serviced it and carried out various checks however i have recently noticed a cable which is missing off a `Flap control lever`. I would imagine this is fixed to the thermostat?  Where can i purchase this cable as most motorfactors, Euro Parts or GSF dont stock it. Do i need to worry about this cable ??



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Dont worry about it now, I have managed to make a cable up so i will just have to see if the thermostat works. I have also managed to make the heat exchangers work now also. They blow warm air now.


Thanks for looking. V Dubs are certainly easy to work on.



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Hi Mr. P  Welcome to the world of VW.  It sounds like you have resolved your problem.  Thermostats on aircooled VW's are an interesting topic.  Half of the owners swear by thermostat use; the other half swear at these cranky things.  At the advice of a lot of long term Bug men, I never bothered hooking up the thermostat on MY72BUG and it runs just fine.  BUT - my car is a fair weather summer bug and I have all of the time in the world to let it do a prolonged driveway warm-up before I go anywhere.  AND, most important, those flaps are permanently hard wired open to allow the cooling air to flow through the fan and onto the cooling fins.  The air cooled VW engine is a thing of beauty and is utterly reliable if you keep that air circulating using all of the engine tin and a clean free flowing oil cooler.  If I needed to run my car in cold weather I would bite the bullet and introduce a thermostat.  In my particular situation, the potential problems posed by the flaps failing to open are enough for me to avoid thermostat use.   Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich 
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Hi Guys,

Most beetles in Australia don't have thermostats...

they all left the factory with them...

but a directive from the Australian VW Service department saw that virtually all thermostats were discarded, thrown in the bin at the first service...

A local retired VW Mechanic told Me He used to adjust the thermostat so the flaps were open all the time...

this isn't really good, as We get below 20F or -5C in many areas...

[even colder at times]

so, the thermostat is important.. just as it is in a water cooled engine...


I have purchased a New thermostat kit from the US, and its all connected, excepting the thermostat itself... which I will adjust and connect up before next winter..


I don't know anything about Your cable etc...

but My original air cleaner had the clips etc there but no cable... or anything else... so I've never seen one of those actually connected up...



Lee Noonan -- 68autobug -- Australia --




Lee Noonan
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