This is my first post.  I had several Bugs many years ago.  Right now I'm looking for another one.  My kids love them and I'd like to be albe to find one to go cruising around in this summer. 
Anyway, I was helping a friend move this weekend and mentioned that I was going later that afternoon to look at a '73.  He said that he had bought a '72 or '73 new and that it came with a bike and bike rack.  I asked if he wanted to part with it.  He said yes so I bought it.  It is a white Eroba Sprint bike.  Has anyone ever heard of this?  Is there anywhere I could look for a dealer pamphlet or advertisement showing this bike?
Oh, I did look at the '73.  It looked like a good project until I looked at the pan.  The center support beam at the front was completely rusted out.  I'll have to keep looking.

Bug Bike

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