Well, I've never had a bad spark plug before..
but recently I fitted 4 new nippon denso plugs which I had on hand
bought from maybe ebay??  They looked as good as the Bosch plugs they were replacing.  I did about 1500klms when My car started acting strangely,
like it was running on 3 1/2 cylinders...  not actually 3 cylinders which is easy to find. it idled very well but played up when it was driven. I pulled the carburetor apart, the distributor, I took the pertronix kit out and put back points.. checked all the spark plug leads and installed new distributor cap and rotor, My timing lamp used to work on & off... and then not at all on number one cylinder, but worked perfectly on other plug leads, the lead checked out perfectly and so did the spark plug.. no problems so I asked about, and was told to replace that spark plug, which I did, put an old one back in... that fixed that problem but because I had pulled and adjusted lots of other things now My engine won't idle for long, but can be driven around town and My distributor with pertronix kit back in it, will only advance about 18 degrees, which I believe is just the vacuum working, so the mechanical part isn't working at all..????
I reinstalled the pertronix kit again making sure everything was perfect..
but its still the same..  so, I may have to fit My old bosch 009 distributor back in, and see what happens..  My SVDA bosch distributor is only a few years old and hasn't done many klms as I don't drive it far...
I'm thinking at the moment My carburetor is running out of fuel and stopping.. as i've adjusted the float in the carby and the electric fuel pump pressure too...??  Fingers crossed I'll find something..

Lee in Australia   68 autostick beetle
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