I have a bus that i would like to survive the crusher. i am asking nothing.
it is bus that has just some surface rust. some where spare wheel sits, as well.
sitting for six years. more than likely rust locked

what is there...
all windows
the dash instruments
steering wheel
tires and hubcaps
two tires under the bus.
what is not there...
seats (except driver which has a coil coming through it)
the floor by the slider is rotted out and where the battery would sit is rotted out as well.

not sure if it is there...
interior panels.

i am looking to have this gone by the end of the month as i am moving.
it is at the end of my driveway, so it would take some maneuvering to get it onto a flatbed. i think it would need to be pulled into the street first. just bushes across the street - no neighbor's driveway.
contact info:
langley, whidbey island, washington
i am asking nothing

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Hi Adrianna, if you still have this bus what year is it? I live in Lynnwood WA


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