hello im new to this forum

basicly im trying to fit some 8x15 fuchs onto my car, ive squeezed the rears on but there is no way the fronts are going on, i just need to know if 8x15 porsche fuchs (genuine or replicas) are available with an offset of around et35, is there any companies that might know?????


thanks alot

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Len from Motorsport Engineering says:



No, you would have to space them out, as the stock offset is around 22mm.
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Wheel spacers and adaptors are illegal in Australia,

but Porsche 914s & 916s had them as standard equipment...

I don't know whether either of these cars were ever sold in Australia...

but there are some in the country, maybe imported from the UK...

where wheel spacers and adaptors are legal....

I know they are available over here....

including wide 5 bolt VW to 4 bolt VW pattern etc....


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