I have a 67 bug and wonder if anyone has a fuel system diagram.  I have a pretty bad fuel leak and would like to know the "map" before I embark on the world of "underneath"!!
Thanks for your help.
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If the pan and the body are the same year, you won't need a map.
1st... gather up some blocking. Then Jack the car up, first the drivers side rear ,after blocking up the car pull the drivers rear wheel off. If the leak is from the back of the car, it will be coming from this side. When the wheel is off you will see a steel tube coming up from the frame. A rubber hose should run from here to the engine. If this is the old original VW hose with the braided cloth cover, it could be leaking anywhere and should be replaced.
NOW is also the time to think about where to re-mount your fuel filter!
2nd... Move to the front of the car, jack up the passengers side, block up the car and remove the wheel.
When the wheel is off you will see where the fuel comes out of the bottom of the tank and travels through a hose to the steel tube that runs down the frame. This hose should be replaced as it is most likely the same age as the car. This is also my choice for the location of the engine fuel filter. But where the tube comes out of the frame in the back is also a good choice. 
If it turns out to be a metal part that is leaking then it will have to be replaced. Even the metal fuel line that runs down the tunnel can be replaced...if that is the problem. But look at the hoses first.
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