I need some information about converting a 1976 Fi engine to a Carburated engine.
Can any one give me an idea , as to what is involved?
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I found this answer to your question at Tom's VW Site:

I don't know of any books, but there is probably a description somewhere. There is probably a back issue of "VW Trends" or "Hot VWs" that describes the process. Sadly, my back issues aren't indexed and they only go back a few years. There may be a kit for the change over.

My one short advice: repair the FI and keep it (unless it needs more than $500 in parts).

As I write this (December 19 2001) I am thinking about putting the Bosch VW FI on my bug. Either that or going to dual carbs (single barrel carbs). If you still want to remove your system after reading this FAQ, I would be interested in your old FI system at the right price (probably cheap).

I don't have experience with this job, but I know some related info, and of course I've read about the Bosche FI.

The fuel injection (FI) is probably easier to understand than most carbs, and should give more power and better gas mileage than any carb setup. Diagnosis and repair are describes pretty well in the shop manual. I've never worked on it, but I've read a few articles about various Bosch FI systems.

You'll need a carb. If you get a Weber (or dual Webers) you should buy either from Redline, or from someone who is a Redline retailer (I think Fast Freddie's sells Redline parts). You'll need a manifold, and manifold end pieces. I think the end pieces are standard dual port parts. You'll also need an electric fuel pump since the FI engine cases don't have a fuel pump mount. That standard low pressure facet pump for about $40 is good. You might have to change the distributor. I'm not sure which distributor is on FI systems. Along with the manifold, you'll have to install heat risers, unless you use dual carbs, or live in southern California where it is always warm.

You'll need some gaskets, and a few assorted bolts.

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Thanks for the info.
I will use this information.
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