I have recently acquired a beautiful 66 bug in great condition. It was my grandmothers car, which then sat in my parents garage not driven for 20 years. It was then shipped from Tx. to Southern California where I currently live. The engine is original and only has 85k miles on it.

I use it as my day to day driver, which is all of 15 miles a day. Recent, I have had issues starting it. It seems to not want to turn over on the first couple of trys. It will then start, although I have to pump the gas a couple of times to get her going. The mechanic said that I need to pump the gas a couple of times before I start it to "get it primed". I have done this, and it works MOST of the time, but not every time.

What are the chances I am going to flood the engine? Should I have him look at the fuel line?

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Did you do anything to the fuel, fuel lines, tank or carb when you put it back on he road? I'm sure that te hole system might be pretty gummed up from the 20 years in storage. If you do flood the car, hold the gas to the floor and try again, or let it sit fir a while. BTW, what a great find, congrats!
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