I have a 1969 vw beetle, when I bought it the fuel line came out of the back of the chassis where it is suppose to but then they just had a piece of rubber fuel line running under the engine,zip tied in a couple of places and it runs pretty close to the muffler and then into a fuel filter and then into the carb. Is that right to just have the hose running under there it seem pretty dangerous. I don't want me and the kids blowing up just for a ride down to the ice cream shop   Thank

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Someone has done you a bad turn by undoing the work of some fine German engineer.  That gas line should come out of the utility " tunnel " as it does, but after that it should come through the fire wall of the engine compartment at the left ( driver's ) side.   You may see a hole with a rubber isolator at this left side.  The old steel line would have come through there.  The rest of the routing is across the top of the underside of the hump over your rear transaxel.  The whole arrangement has to flex after it leaves the fixed body and goes to the fuel pump.  New neoprene line across here is needed to allow the flex.  Add a new neoprene line from the fuel pump to the carb and put an in-line fuel filtre in here for good measure.  It should be possible to custom bend a suitable length of steel line and attach it to the original section using an in -line compression fitting.   Tubing benders are pretty cheap as is the steel line which will , quite possibly, keep you from BBQing your bug.  Good luck with the project.  MY72BUG   Dan in Goderich
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CIP1 has a pre-bent line if you want to buy it made to fit rather than self bend. Click on this web and see it.




It shows to be out of stock but maybe JC Whitney or some other supplier has it.

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