My wife has gotten a 1979 super beetle convertible recently and has employed me to keep it running. I'm better at body work than mechanical! THe gas tank was rusted so I cleaned and sealed it put in a new fuel filter and it will start but the idle is erratic with dark suity exhaust. I've tried adjusting the idle with no success, it will run this way until I turn it off so it appears to be getting enough gas.All vacuum lines appear to be ok and I can't find anything else that is amiss. Does anyone have any ideas?
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If it was carburetted I would say it's time to rebuild or replace the carb. But it should be fuel injected.I think what has happened is you got some of the junk up to the fuel injectors and it has plugged the tips so they are leaking fuel when they are closed. Pulling them out and having them tested and cleaned is probably your next step. Price it though as some injectors are cheaper to replace than to clean.
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Before buying injectors, check your fuel pressure and be sure that the fuel pressure regulator vacuum is connected, and that the unit is functioning properly, not leaking internally. Second, check the head temperature sensor.
This little engineering jewel can also cause a rich run condition.
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