I recently removed the fuel sending unit in my '68. The unit was literally fried in half, which causes me to wonder how ( I just bought the car), and why that didn't cause the tank to explode!

I've ordered a new unit which hasn't arrived yet. The old unit has one wire, which according to the schematic runs to the back of the gauge.

Problem: the unit appears to be totally isolated from the tank (ground) via the rubber washer and teflon flanged sleeves that the screws go into. So how does the unit make a complete circuit?  Is the ground the float lever - that grounds thru the fuel? There is no accomodation in the wiring diagram for grounding the unit. I could easily make a ground wire, but I don't want to short it out if it's not supposed to be grounded like that.

I'd like to have it installed properly to avoid what happened to the last one.....and dying in a ball a flames!
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