I have dellorto 40s on my engine and they leak if I don't flip the pit cock.  Over time I notice that my oil will smell like gas and my engine will stutter under load.  My question is, are my carbs the only problem i have, or does fuel in the oil mean bigger problems?  Also, how bad will the fuel in the oil screw up the lubrication of the motor and how quick could my rings go bad.  Thank you for any replies that could help.

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Sounds like a leaking fuel pump...

or the carburetors are flooding and fuel is diluting Your Oil...

Do NOT run the engine with diluted fuel...

It will wear badly and eventually seize up, because of poor lubrication..

VW engines run hot normally so You cannot run them out of tune or with poor lubrication, as they are also oil cooled...


Find the leak, and drop the oil from the sump....

and start again..


best of Luck


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Hi Andy and welcome to the world of VW.  I don't know about the design of Dellorto carbs but the original stock Picts have an electromagnetic shut-off which halts the flow of gas when you turn off your ignition.  Bugs have a habit of self-syphoning.  The gas tank is higher than the engine and the float in the carb will NOT necessarily stop the flow of gas.  This is why they added the device in the PICT carbs.  When I bought MY72BUG,  the crankcase was full to brim with a gas-oil combo.  I had to rebuild the works as the seals were shot.  You want to believe that I made sure that the PICT was stopping the gas flow before I did much travel on the rebuilt mill.  For a while I even ran with a manual stopcock built into the gas line in the engine compartment.  Makes it harder to steal as well !  If nothing else will work with your Dellorto, you can always take this approach.  P.S. When I store the bug, the gas line comes off the pump altogether.  Dan ( MY72BUG) in Goderich, Ont.
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