would anybody know engine's displacement on a 1776cc from gex ,cause was needing to jet kadrod carbs that are set-up for 1600cc. thanks ct

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I don't know what you understand an engine's displacement to be but normally a 1600cc engine has 1600 cubic centimetres that is the total  measurement of the volume of 4 cylinders. Top Dead Centre to Bottom Dead Centre = height.  Then using the formula for the volume of a cylinder pi X radius squared X height of cylinder X the number of cylinders.  So a 1776cc engine displaces 1776 cubic centimetres etc.  Do you mean the radius of the piston for a 1776?  Or the translation into cubic inches?
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looking for bore and stroke

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Probably a "69X90.5" But if you are doing jetting you need to be pulling plugs and looking at them. The best way to test is find a lonely road (don't get a ticket and don't kill nobody) and get it wound up and then turn it off and push in the clutch and stop the car. Pull the plugs one at a time and look at them.
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