I just received an email from Ryan Price at VW Trends and was informed that Primedia has decided to cancel the publication of VW Trends, effective immediately. This decision was made because the number of ads in the magazine had been steadily dwindling from around 40 pages to less than 20 pages in the March 05 issue (which won't even be printed). Because of this, it was decided that after 28 years and 268 issues, VWTrends was no longer worth the financial effort. In short, it was killed because nobody bothered to pay attention to it.
It is really a shame to see a magazine that was around for 28 years go out so unceremoniously. It’s also sad to know that there probably won’t be a new air-cooled magazine to step up and fill the void that will be left.
Primedia, the company that owns VWT puts out over 250 different publications a month and is a 1.2 billion dollar a year company. What a time to shut Trends down, right before Christmas, that's pretty cold. I think that it's sad that they wouldn't let VW Trends finish off with a last issue. That would give them a chance to say goodbye to all the subscribers and tie up any loose ends.
I think that we should send Primedia a message to let them know how much VW Trends will be missed. Here's a link to their email in so you can let your feelings be known. mailto:information@primedia.com
I'd also like to thank everyone for being so supportive of my articles in the magazine. I've been in touch with a couple of other VW publications and prehaps I'll be writing again in the future.
PS: Contact customer service at mailto:vwtrends@palmcoastd.com to get a refund for the rest of your subscription.
Wayne Dean
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Here is a copy of the official announcement:


December 14, 2004


International Automotive Group

2400 E. Katella Ave.

11th Floor

Anaheim, CA 92806

Tel: 714-939-2440

Fax: 714-769-2325


Dear Advertisers,


I want to thank you for your support of VW Trends over the years.  We continually address our media brands and products in order to identify growth areas, to create new reader and advertiser product offerings and to determine areas ripe for investment.  As part of this process, the Primedia International Automotive Group has made a business decision to stop publishing VW Trends magazine after the March 2005 issue.

We have made the decision to move away from this very niche market in order to continue to invest in and focus on growing areas of our business which include the tuner/urban markets and digital and event offerings across all of our media brands.

My team and I look forward to working with you in 2005 as we continue to publish industry leading magazines including Super Street, Import Tuner, Sport Compact Car, eurotuner, and Lowrider.  We have many exciting offerings in the work and are excited to share them with you in the New Year.



Howard Lim

SVP Group Publisher

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Does this mean that Hot VWs will go the way of all flesh as well? Isn't it published by the same people?

What other VW magazines are there in the world, anyway? Any?

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Hot VWs is not published by Primedia and as far as I know will be around for a while. There is a new magazine that is coming out called "The German Addiction" and it will be published bi-monthly for the first while. You can sign up for a free copy at their web site http://www.thegermanaddiction.com/.

I believe that HVW and TGA are the only North American air-cooled Volkswagen magazines in publication. There are a few in Europe like Volksworld and Ultra VW.
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what a shame... i know that a lot of people prefer hot vw's  that said i enjoyed  the projects on vw trends.and many of the articles...  so much so that I credit the magazine for making me an aircooled fan  i bought a 67 this winter and got a subscription.

i was really looking forward to their 1776 build up how to project.

with the history the magazine has, is there any hope it will continue in a web format only? personally i would have been willing to pay more for the subscription. any hope another publisher will pick up the publication and save the good things about it?  i wish there was something a subscriber could do.

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I subscirbed to them as well as HVW I tried to support both as our hobby is rather small

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There's nothing like being a year late in making a comment. Maybe, If I'd had a computer back then..............  Oh well, I liked the magazine but, I told them to look forward to this quite a few years ago.


I made, as a few others did, a request that they reduce the use of "flesh" to help  increase the sales. I know, I know,......"Sex (supposedly) Sells Anything". IF that was what I was looking for.....I'd buy Playboy or Hustler. I was, before VW Trends, HVW and the like, and still am interested in the car and not having it cluttered with female or male, for that matter, bodies. Especially if I want to take a picture or copy one from a magazine. After all, I could get by with coming home in the car. Driving up with the broad....no way.


I, too, am afraid that HVW might meet with the same ends, I hope not. After all, nobody listens to the complaints......when the percentage is low. However, they never think how many feel that it never does any good to complain. Nobody likes a complainer until they find that the complaint had a founded basis that could have prevented a downfall. Not saying that this did but, just suppose.......


Viva VW!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Alabama    USA

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I wrote for VW Trends for three years and when I was on-board there was never any use of "flesh" to sell magazines. Now Hot VWs on the other hand always has some girl posed beside a VW. Take this months issue (March 2006) for example, there's a girl posed on the cover ready to fill the tank of a sweet looking Beetle. She's also on page 76 wearing a pretty skimpy outfit. In HVWs defense, her father did do the "bodywork and paint" on the Beetle featured. 


The ads might be a bigger problem, page 33 - hot pants and a tied up top, page 43 - bikini, page 105 -  2 girls in bikinis, page 107 - a model, and page 137 - another model.


I'm a guy and I don't mind looking at women but I don't think they belong posed in a VW magazine, it's bit too old school for me. Advertisers, and HVWs has a ton of them, must think the "sex sells" and maybe it does for them.


I never liked HVW's before I worked for VW Trends or now, but it's the only North American air-cooled VW magazine left so we don't have much choice. And even without the "flesh or bikinis" is was VWT that went out of business, go figure.

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well I was just looking for a VW trends mag this past weekend at books a million and commented to my wife that I ahd not seen a copy at the local gro. store for awhile and they didnt have at BAM but they had hot vw . i was looking forward to the technical articles...i have a 71 super that is rusted to death i'm turning into a trike with my eye out for a bug to restore...trying to get info on an early 60's bug a local elderly lady used to drive ...it is mint and i'd bet the miles are sooo low...But i digress.. I hate the death of VW trends.as with alot of mags that is non tuner or uro they die a horrible death. I ride Harleys and used to love easyriders for their content ant hardcore edge . but that too is gone ...the horse is the only chopper mag i read now...later Scooter.....

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