Hi Guys and Gals I am KGBdriver the reason that I am a seminoobie is that three weeks ago I purchased a 1971 Super Beetle Vert! before that back in the college days
 I had a 1971 Karmann Ghia in 1978 (totaled by a drunk driver) and then a second 1971 Ghia from 78 until 82, well after that it was a 78 Scirocco, 83 Saab 900 Turbo, then my first new car a 1993 945 Volvo and then my second new car (drunk  driver killed the 945 long story) 1995 855 Volvo now with a ton of miles on it.
I got a 72 Ghia in 1999 and a 71 Ghia Vert in 2001.

So I have a lot of experience with air cooled VW's I am not a Guru by any strech of the imagination but I love to drive then and work on them.

Getting to know the Super has been fun......what is this "fresh airbox" contraption! and who needs stuts???!!! socks where fine in the front.

I do have a load of questions but I'll search the forum first before I post them.
I am planning on being an active member here the more you give the more you get!!!
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Welcome.  I have received a lot of help from the folks here and they have been really kind to me.  I am in the final phases on a complete restoration on a 71 Super Beetle Sedan.

71 Super Beetle
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Welcome KGB.  ( can they now say that in Russia )  You sound like you have a broad background and that bodes well for anyone reimmersing himself in the air-cooled world.  Don't put down the Super until you have de-bugged it.  The strut front end does more than give you more room under the front hood.  The handling is there as is the stability.  Some things to watch though.  Does your Super do a funny shimmy at around 50-55 mph?  This is the legendary Super-shimmy which has been the subject of innummerable postings over the years.  Cures include any of the following:
1. tire balancing ( duh )
2. pack the front wheel bearings in the German style ( go ahead and ask )
3. redo the front end in neoprene bushings for the sway bar.
4. inspect the tie-rod for any sloppy tie rod ends
5. adjust the play in the steering box
6. check the strut bearing plates for extruded rubber bushings ( 71 and 72 !!!)
7.check the steering dampener for excess wear
AND  what eventually was my final cure - set your tire air pressure at the recommended settings  18 PSI front, 28 PSI rear ( yes; even on radials ! )
The fresh air box ?  Damned handy even without heat going to it.  Bannishes front windshield fog in no time.  Read also my note to TC and welcome aboard.
Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich

I'd rather have a partial bottle in front of me than a partial frontal lobotomy.
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