Hi guys and girls!

I'm Daniel, the site cartoonist for this web site and also for http://www.superbeetles.com.


I try to make it onto this site as much as I can, so do please feel free to contact me, if you like.  I would like, from the greater air-cooled community at large, any suggestions or comments you might have for cartoons, present and future!


Thanks loads!


Daniel Mosher
Site Cartoonist
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Daniel has been a blessing to both sites. He's a talented artist that loves his VW and we're glad to have him around.

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how about the new herbie film? or just lindsy lohan in genral! we dont get enough of her over here in good o'l blighty!


maybe get people to submit pictures of themselfs and there cars and do a cartoon of them then do a caption compitition?

i wish i could draw but i cant even do a stick man properly!

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