This looks like a great forum and I am sure I will have a million questions. I just bought my first VW, a 1969 and I am absolutely in love. It is like a strange new world and I do not know a thing at all about it.  I saw it in a neighbors yard for sale and something told me it was to be mine. It took me about 2 seconds after I bought it  to understand why people fall in love with them.

 I want to browse a little so I don't annoy anyone by asking questions that have been asked a million times already. But be kind.

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I was a complete noob also when I bought my 71 Super.  The folks here have been very kind and good about answering my questions.

71 Super Beetle
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Hi TC and welcome to the world of VW.  There are a few things that any noob needs to know so here we go:
1. you are now part of a network that is world wide.
2. there are no dumb questions, sooner or later you will encounter brainteasers and puzzlements with your car, the answers are out there, someone else has faced your problem before.
3. your car is one of 22,000,000 !!!!  Parts are out there at very reasonable prices.  The parts are still being cranked out around the world.  Check out sites like CIP1
4. To keep your car happy, learn the routine maintenance and either roll up your sleeves and do it yourself or find a reliable mechanic who has the basic VW air-cooled knowledge.  A wise shade tree mechanic who has worked on these cars is hands down a better bet than a mechanic who has learned only the new stuff on today's computerized plastic jelly bean cars.
5. work at understanding your car.  It IS significantly different from water cooled cars.  Not better, not worse but different enough that if you don't understand these differences, you may have a bad experience with the car.  To this end, buy and read from cover to cover a great old book by the late John Muir.  It is entitled " How to keep your Volkswagen Alive "  subtitled ( a manual of step by step procedures for the compleat (sic) idiot )  It is funny, informative and gives you a broad understanding of air cooled VW's.  Haynes still prints a very usable tech manual which adds a lot of pictures and step by step procedures to the mix.
6. your #1 enemy is rust.  Oil spray is the only sure fire remedy.
7. change your oil, adjust your valve lashes, baby your baby and it will last and last.
Bring us your problems.  Share your growing knowledge.
Enjoy your new ride.   Dan ( MY72BUG) in Goderich

I'd rather have a partial bottle in front of me than a partial frontal lobotomy.
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Ditto what "my72bug" wrote!

'72 Super. Paint-7/20/09, 400+k miles, New engine case "41" Brazil, rebuilt German heads, new Bosch electrics, new Solex German carb. new German silencer. Built by Steve Tims Performance/Enterprises, Riverside CA. '73 OEM airfilter, (Fram elemement), chrome stock wheels, daily driver, 25.46-27.50mpg, driven 20+years.
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I grew up with a former VW mechanic, but it wasn't until this year that I started really learning what they're about. I'll add a few things to what was mentioned above.

8. Figure out what tools you need to fix it on the side of the road and keep them in the trunk. (You should take a 13mm wrench and bend it into an L shape, keeping it flat of course. This will let you get to the rear carb mount bolt and one of the ones behind the fan shroud. Carb cleaner IS a tool.)

9. Always carry a spare fan belt (and the 13/16 socket and screwdriver to change it) and keep an eye on the Generator indicator light. If that belt breaks you should immediately turn off the car and pull're done driving. If that fan doesn't turn you'll weld up the engine.

10. When buying parts out of the junk yard never take the guy's word...check out the parts you're buying yourself.

11. You'll be suprised at acceptable part substitutions (oil screen gaskets can be cut out of cereal boxes, and there are a few parts in the carbeurator that you can use a clothes hanger instead.)

12. Everyone will tell you your car is cool but they'll refuse to ride in it and call it a "death trap", but we don't care!
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