Hey all,

Last time I changed a head gasket (iron block/iron head) I was advised to use the silver Permatex (tm) silver-colored anti-seize compound on the threads of the head bolts, so I did.  Engine ran perfectly for tens of thousands of miles afterwards.

Now, after putting new rings (long story) on the 395cc Honda, I have cleaned the carbs, combustion chamber, etc. and I am getting a new head gasket (this week).  I have steel head bolts and an aluminum engine (w/iron cylinder liners).

Should I use the anti-seize again?

Any help is appreciated, but I would like to finish this project quickly.

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When steel and aluminum meet in a high temperature setting the use of anti-sieze compound is a good investment - especially if you ever plan on taking it apart again.
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Where do I buy cylinder gaskets for a 1600 engine? Mid Amer kits dont come with them
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There are no head gaskets used on a 1600 VW air cooled engine.

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