Great to find another VW forum!  Just thought I'd stop and say hi, and give a little info on what I'm building.  I got a 62 Beetle given to me about 5 years ago by a customer of mine.  It was complete but didn't run and had (has) some rust issues.  After about a week of cleaning things up I had the stock 40 horse running, but lo and behold #3 was shot.  Yanked the engine, gutted the car in preparation for a ton of work and.....  Well, that was about 3 1/2 years ago and the car is still gutted, needs a LOT of rust replacement, and I'm building a 1641 right now.
Recently an opportunity came along to buy a 61 with nil for rust and no engine for 500 bucks, unfortunately things did not work out and I'm going to start going hell bent on the 62.  The engine is going to be a pretty Stout 1641, and yes a lot of people don't like the 87's, but I got a ton of new engine parts in trade for all my old 40 horse stuff along with some new parts.

Balanced and C/W crank
C35 (might be a little much but I think I can make it work)
Dual Kads
Stock ported and polished heads
Full flow
Merged header with Bugpack hideaway muffler
and a bunch of other misc goodies

This is my 4th Bug with a 74 Van in between this one and the last, and by far my most involved project EVER.  Anyway, I've blabbed on long enough.


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Hey Kaferman, welcome to the site! Yeah, it's always good to find another forum to share our love of the mighty Beetle in. Check out our other forum at If you sign up with the same username/password you can jump back and forth between the two.

Post a a picture for us to see what you've got there. And if you're interested we're always looking for air-cooled VWs to feature at the site. ANY TYPE of air-cooled VW, daily driver, project or show car. Just send a few great pictures and the story of your Dub and we'll make it happen!

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