Hi to all,


I'm new to vw campers and have got the bug from a mate at work that has one. I would love to get one to do it up, but I have no idea where to start. I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the direction of some good restoration material.


any help would be gr8,


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Hi Matt - Welcome to the world of VW.  Help is readily available for anyone starting out on a project vehicle.  I don't know what conditions are like where you live, but when you are pursuing a Bug or a Van you must be aware that their number one enemy always was and is RUST.  Look for a solid body as the underpinnings for your project.  While sheet metal repair panels are cheap and available, your costs can quickly go out of sight at the body shop.  Mechanical parts are available through suppliers such as CIP1 based in Vancouver, B.C. , Mid America and other aftermarket companies.  The mechanical work is beautifully simple for the average shade tree mechanic.  Get yourself a Haynes manual or similar book and you will be well on your way.  If you can, find a local club.  Members can tip you off to parts sources and can be great resources for knowledge for working on your van.  Post any troubles here and more help can be yours for the asking.  Good luck and enjoy your ride.   Dan ( MY72BUG) in Goderich, Ont.
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