If anyone knows how to solve my dilemma..please post or email. I have a 1971 SuperBeetle..It is a semi-automatic. My speedometer works fine..but the odometer does not work at all. I know it can be fixed by replacing the odometer..question, when you buy an odometer..does it connect directly to the back of current speedometer/odometer dashmount that you look at or is a replacement odometer cable connected to a new dial face. Problem being that I really want to keep original as possible and because my BUG is a semi-automatic..the dial face has the little marks on the outer part of the dial face showing where one would change gears..I know it is picky, but they only made 3 years of semi-automatic and my dial face is marked with only 3 marks where all the foot clutch VWs have 4 forward gears and 4 marks on the dial face.  So I guess is there a way to replace a new odometer that works using the dial face I have that came with the semi-automatic marks on dial face.
Any replacing odometer cable comments would be great help..thanks!
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Do you have the unit out of the car?  If so, don't give up on repairing the existing one.   When the odometer on my old Ford packed it in, I poked down into the thing and found a little fragment of plastic had dropped down into the star gears jamming them.  I yoinked it out and it was problem solved.  My work on the VW one on MY72BUG a 1972 1302 cabrio consisted of returning a missing "c" clip on the front left hub which started the cable rotating again.  I would bet that since the Germans made it, every bit of that assembly can be taken apart and the special portion of yours transplanted onto a new unit.
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The little plastic gears that drive the odometer tend to fail(they really hate cold weather) but if you have a std speedo that is around the same year as your auto stick one, the odometer should interchange. But before you start gutting the speedo check for problems like MY72Bug stated on his Ford as that is quite possible and would stop the odometer while the speedo would work fine.
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