i have some surface rust in the vent area on the back of my beetle. the area under the back glass on the body where you can not get to. my problem is how do i take care of this before it gets to bad. and how do you get primer and paint in there with out making a mess. any help would be great !

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The rust associated with the rear vent areas of the Super Beetle is promoted by the sound deadening foam they injected into this space.  It retains water and encourages rust on the unprotected inner metal.  The only sure solution for automotive rust is oil-spray.  I live in Southern Ontario in a town which has the largest salt mine in the world.  Our town gets its salt free and it freely uses it.  Sometimes our winter roads look like white gravel.  Every September I have all or our fleet ( 1972 VW convertible, 1977 Ford Granada and a 1993 Plymouth Voyager) oil sprayed by a local shop which does the job right.  He has long tubular probes which go into rockers and other rust locations.  A good rust proofer would gain access to those places on your bug even if it means drilling holes in inner panels to do so.  Over the years the oil forms almost a gel coat.  On hot days the oil creeps into every tiny place by capillary action.  Water cannot get at the metal - voila - NO rust.  Last month we had a minor accident with the Grand Voyager.  We took it to a local body shop.  The tech asked my wife if it was a southern vehicle!  Nope. 15 Ontario winters and not a spot of rust.  The Beetle gets its dose every year even though it never sees winter.  I want to keep that $ 7000 worth of body work intact.  Only oil spray will do it.
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