Hey guys just thought id say hi! looking for a good forum to learn about my beetle!
I bought it just over 6 months ago, and have been driving it since! had a few problems with leaking Rear brake cylinder and the fuel lines, but they were easy enough to replace. I love this little car but im new to the whole engine thing and am learning as i go! I had a 1600 twin port with a lumpy cam, extractors and i think its called a 1500 gear box? however im in process of replacing my X engine, The beetle people as i call my local Beetle specialists =P were going to be Fixing an oil leak and upon pulling apart my engine found to many problems to even be worth fixing the engine, and putting it back together meant it wouldnt last long anyway. so looks like ill be getting a new engine, the one we found is from a 74 superbug and is gonna be rebuilt and instaled hopefully! any tips for buying during and future maintanance? Like i said im learning as i go and any help explained for a Noob would be handy! And further down the track i want to start working on the engine to perform a little better any hints on were i should start?
Look forward to learning from u guys and hope to hear back from yas. And heres a picture of my baby (yellow devil). P.S Its getting a respray As soon as the engine is done!

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As far as taking care of your new engine you should follow the VW recommended maintenance for it. Get your oil changes done, adjust the valves when required and tune when necessary. I would advise you to go to a point-less electronic ignition, such as Pertronix and replace your air cleaner element with a K&N (washable) filter. These two items will help your Beetle run better. Quick performance increases are usually done through swapping out the carb, exhaust and maybe a hotter cam.
Good luck!
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Great looking Yeller Bug, good vintage.  I say keep her, get her running excellent.  I recommend it's time to learn as much as possible to learn how to do it yourself, (DIY).  A lot of shops will tell you all kinds of stuff to get you to spend your ca$h.  Go to as many Bug shows, VW swap meets, anywhere where folks are driving and restoring Beetles!  I've worked on cars since I was a kid, so I wasn't afraid to try anything/repair/rebuild, (or I'm just crazy), gearhead in general.  {My other car is a Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel-best keep secret on the planet, same fuel mileage as my VW}.  Anyway learn all you can.  If you have any talents try to barter/trade skills with someone who knows Bugs and is willing to help.  Example: I've rescued a buddys VW bus many times.  He is a house painter.  My house has real nice paintwork, the Mrs. is pleased, (I hate painting I'm too meticulous!).  
You'll find the right folks... Patrick.
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Hi beyond and welcome to the world of VW.   First of all, Crikey mate, seems that you are from downunder.  You need to hook up with Lee Noonan 68autobug who has loads of input in this forum.  For all you know you might be within shouting distance of one another and Lee knows his stuff.
       Your bug looks super and you will find there is a whole world out there willing to help you keep your wheels turnin'.  Bug owners seem to become shade-tree mechanics and you can never go wrong by learning more about your car.  Haynes still prints a very handy manual.  Here in Canada it is readily available for about $ 15.00.  Another source I recommend is  " How to keep Your Volkswagen Alive " a very readable book by the late John Muir.  It is funny, informative and written at a level anyone can use.  Go on line and find " CIP 1. com"  Their on-line catalogue will help you with finding its and bits for your machine.  Local clubs and these forums are a great source of assistance for owners of these great old cars.  Above all, drive and enjoy your ride.  Take satisfaction in the knowledge that your VW is an island of simplicity and well designed reliability backed by a network of cheap readily accessible parts both stock and upgraded.  As you learn, spread your knowledge to the next generation so that they too can enjoy the quirks and benefits of VW ownership.  Dan ( MY 72BUG) in Goderich

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Thanks heaps couldnt ask for more =P as i learn more u might see me Putting my 2Cents in around the forums, but rest assured ill be reading them! Thanks for the info

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