I purchased one of their distributors with their electronic ignition in an effort to make my 1970 beetle more reliable than the 009 with points.

First their distributors are pinned 180 degrees out from my original 009 and stock VW distributors so you have to set the engine to TDC on 1 and then switch plug wires and re-time the engine to get it to work.

Okay, started right up once setup.  Engine sounded better.  Took it for a short ride and everything was great.  Pulled onto the freeway and 20 miles away from home it started missing.  The missing started getting worse and worse and worse.  Finally stranding me on the freeway.

Waited 40 minutes and it started and it ran for 5 minutes fine before it started to missing again and after 5 more pull overs and waiting for the ignition system to cool down I got home.

Called Hot Spark.  They blamed my Voltage Regulator and my coil.  They said if I purchased their high OHM coil and a new voltage regulator they would send me a replacement no charge.  I did and they did.  Same result but now I am $140 lighter.

I put new points and condenser into their distributor and it ran fine.  Then 200 miles later ignition cuts out again stranding  my son.  You guessed it their Trick coil with 200 miles on it died.  New coil and back running again.

They either cannot take the heat of an air cooled motor or they cannot take our antiquated electrical system. Either way avoid their products like the plague.

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Thanks for the warning. I've had no problems with my Pertronix (knock on wood)

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Well these were supposed to be Petronix knock off but less money so I said what the heck and went for it.

The car ran wonderful until the unit overheats.  Then it would start missing. 

Maybe on a water pumper with a more modern electrical system that has less heat there they work okay.  I purchased an Compufire unit but have not bothered to try it since I finally got the darn thing running right again. 

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