Hi all:
I am kind of new and a beginner, my right latch window vent for my beetle 69 broke, it seems that i need to change all the window?, do I need special tools for that latch installation only?.
I looked under the glass holder and the are 2 kind of screws??? special tools?, I am confused... Please help.
Any magazine that can show me how to do it?.
When I buy the latch window vent, do I have to buy other parts?
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I looked through all of the books and there is no reference on changing the vent glass. From the pictures that I saw at http://www2.cip1.com/?Click=30260 it looks like it has a long pin on the bottom. So if you can undo it at the top it should come out.

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Hi Pablito:  If you have two different screws under there someone has had their hands on this.  The latch is usually held in by a couple of simple pop rivets.  Drill out the rivets and the latch assembly will come off.  Clean out the holes and either fit in another couple of rivets or a couple of flush mounting self tap screws.  If you need to remove the vent glass altogether you must remove the screw which forms the top pivot.  This is one nasty unit as it is very soft and easy to deform.  Soak it overnight with penetrating fluid and go at it very carefully.  Once this pivot is removed, the glass just tilts out and pulls up.  The bottom pivot is fairly long and should come up without much fuss.  If the whole shebang goes south on you, replacements are available.  Check out CIP1.  Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich, Ont
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