I am new to the board and I tryed searching but did not have any success. So if its here somewere sorry. I have a 70 bug. I recently installed the hurst style shifter in it. It seems to be very tight. not just short throw but it is very hard to shift. when it is out it moves freely. Does has any one experianced this? Is there a problem with the bug or the shifter?



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The newer Chinese made Hurst replicas sold by EMPI have such lousy quality control I would say it's the shifter, especially if the stock shifter worked well.

You can pull it off the car and grease the shift rod in the tunnel at the bushing and grease all the movable parts in the shifter. Hopefully you can get it to work.



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I figured...Is there any good aftermarket shifters out there??
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Berg is pretty much it for new stuff.  I really love mine, and they aren't cheap,, in quality or price.  --Ryan

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I had one of the "Hurst" copies in my old glass buggy,  It was only slightly better than the old and worn out Empi T Handle it replaced but it did work. 


I was in a hurry trying to get my oldest son's sandrail ready for an outing when his shifter (stock shortened) broke.  The only place in town that was open had one shifter in stock.  It was a Bugpack T-Handle unit.  So, I bought it and threw it in the kids rail.  The darn thing worked great!!!


I just got back into VW's after several years of fooling around with 4x4's.  The first thing I ordered for our new (to us) '74 Baja was another Bugpack shifter.


I looked real hard at the Scat shifter but couldn't justify the extra $30.

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I have the Chrome T-handle Bugpack shifter on my '67 and I love it.....just my 2 cents...

todd jackson
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