I have a custom trike powered by a 68 beetle engine. The carburetor seems to be choking on fuel. The entire carb is wet with gasoline when I drive any distance at all, even after a short ride. I notice that the choke cam is on the second setting even if the engine is warm. I can push it off choke, but as soon as I accelerate, it goes back to that partial choke position. The mileage is awful! More importantly, it seems like a fire hazard. At this point I am willing to spring for a new carb. Any ideas where to look?
Thanks for any advice you can give
Mark Pursell
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If it has the stock solex carb, then you need to back off the electric choke. To do this look at the opposite side of the cam and there should be a round cover over the electric element for the choke. Loosen the three screws and turn the element so it puts less spring pressure on the choke. You might want to look at the needle and seat in the float bowl though as what you describe kind of leads me to think that is where your problem lies.
66 Ghia 76 std Beetle
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