I found a standard beetle (not super) and the guy wants 1100.00 for it. I'll give you a little description of it. Paint and body in good shape for the most part except for a few rust spots..which i'll get to in a sec. Interior is in pretty good shape. Seats and carpet are good as well as dash. Only problem there is parking brake lever is missing. The man said the car ran supposedly but has been sitting for 9 months. Got some rigged ignition set up. The worst of it though is the a couple bad spots on the body itself...worst being one about marble sized that goes about 3/4 of an inch into the body. So knowing all this..would you guys give him 1100.00 for it? Thanks in advance
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The first question is, what year is it? The older the Beetle the more valuable it is. Secondly, what do you want to do with this Bug? Show car? Or just a daily driver with a roller paint job? You should have the answers to these questions before you decide to buy. 

Rust is a problem the same way it is with any other vehicle. It just depends how bad it is and how much you want to spend of fixing it. Beetles have a some spots that you have to watch out for, the battery tray under the rear seat, the floor pans, the luggage compartment (near the engine) and the heater channels, to name but a few. The first two can be fixed with replacements panels but replacing the heater channels is a lot more work. If you go to the Tech section at there you can see Rick Higgins walk you through the job.

The good thing is once to get the Beetle into shape you can almost always get back with you spent when (and if) you sell it.

Good luck,  
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