I have a 72 bettle with a 1641 dual port   , i recently went for a ride and it suddenly stopped. I looked and no oil in engine , a push rod leaked so badly it drain out all the oil. Well to make it short, what usually  needs replaced or should i just buy a new or rebuilt long block?

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Hmmm.  This is going to be one long investigation for you.  Do consider the following:
1. When the engine stopped was it accompanied by some very heavy clattering, knocking, and death rattles?
2. Was the engine already fairly old and in need of an overhaul anyway?
3. Put a wrench on the crankshaft nut and give it a yank either way.  Does the crank still turn ie: are the pistons seized in the cylinders?
The answers to these three questions ( and the age old question about $$$$ resources) will determine your course of action.  If your engine is seized, you will need at least a set of pistons and cylinder sleeves.  If it seized with a bit of flare, like throwing a connecting rod, you may have also damaged the crankcase in which case you are better off digging up a replacement engine.  Further damage can include the cylinder heads bashed into submission by a collapsed piston.  Answer the above three questions and take a look at your  $$$ resources.  If the damage includes the crankcase - unseen damage may make it a wise decision to scrap the works.  If you are a half way decent shade tree mechanic with an engine that never did fully seize, you may be able to rescue it with a top end job involving pistons, cylinders and heads.  Good luck with the project.  Let us know how it comes out.   Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich

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