I have a 1975 Volkswagen Bus, I have had a problem with the ignition system cutting out. The Oil pressure light is on, and the fuel pump will not come on either. Is there an oil pressure switch that is connected to the two appliances, and if so where is it? Any input would be helpful.

Thanks, Aaron

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Does the oil light stay on all the time or does it go out when or if it starts.I don't think it's a pressure switch problem you are having, I think you have a loose wire from the key switch back or the switch might be going bad.
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The switch you say?  Hmmm.  Cuz I've experienced something similar in my van.  The connections seemed tight but, after checking everything, I assumed the problem may be a shot solenoid on the starter.  The little I got to drive it, when taking it home, the symptoms began about half way here.  The oil and break lights flickered on at idle, but went off again upon acceleration.  I stopped to check the oil, in case it needed topping off for the journey to its new home, but it was fine.  Not only fine, but the clear amber good clean oil should be.  So, I hoped I would be able to locate / discover the problem when I got the van home.  Only thing was, when I stopped on the side of the road about 4 miles from home for a bathroom break (leaving it running), the van stalled after I got back in to buckle up.  I tried to re-start it, but no reaction from the starter at all.  Not even the classic click, click, click from the solenoid.  I'm still searching for the answer, but I had just nearly concluded the solenoid might be crapped out.
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  Sounds like the ignition switch is not closing circuit #50 to the starter.
replace the switch, or pull the ignition switch wire harness. Using a jumper wire, jump between terminals 30 and 50. If the starter cranks the engine,
problem found.

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