Just wanted to post something that says how much I've appreciated the VW community here on All Air-Cooled and Super Beetles.  Y'all are usually so patient and understanding with a novice like me, who's just trying to cut a few costs and get his Brick / Bug/ whatever on the road.  I'm having a hard time with things that would be so simple for other guys, it seems. 

I'd even joined, upon invitation, an online group of Vee Dubbers in the Michigan / Ohio area to make local acquaintances, get local info on parts and service, etc.  Man, those guys are nice, but a few of them are brutal as hell, too.  I'm near the breaking point, the weather in Michigan is getting rainy and cold and I'm about one second from throwing this Brick at a mechanic and just getting it over with... which might be the wisest option.  When I expressed the day I'd had trying to change the plugs (which is an act that winds up turning into the kid's game, "Operation," change the oil and get the van to cold start w/o starter fluid, I got hazed big time!  One guy posted a message calling me a "whiny b****" and said "good luck working on your Bus.... ALONE"

Really... I'm grateful for all of y'all.

Daniel Mosher
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That's one thing that we wouldn't stand for. Name calling, flaming, swearing and arguing is not allowed here at all. That and our excellent members are what makes our two forums the best on the net. Thanks to every last one of you!!

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