I've been thinking about looking into importing a Mexican Beetle into Canada. The law states that the vehicle would have to be 15 years old or older to come into the country. While I love my 1975 Beetle I can't help but think that RUST is always growing somewhere under that gold paint.

What do you guys think? Has anyone here ever done it or know of anyone who has?

Wayne Dean
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Hi Wayne,
One of the locals here owned a 1976 beetle from new,
and last year He took the fenders off and He said VW
used foam in between them and the body which
causes them to rust....
also the fresh air vents on the side behind the side windows
also are the cause of rust...
I used to correspond with a VW enthusist in the Phillipines,
and he told me that Mexican Beetles were sold there,
but used ones were much much cheaper than older German
made beetles, as they rusted very badly...
I have seen two new mexican beetles here in Australia,
they cannot be registered here, and cannot be registered as vintage cars as they are Not 30 years old...
so they cannot be driven.... on our roads...?
In the UK, there was a company that used the chassis of Your old German made beetle,
and added all the New mexican beetle body parts  and running gear
etc to it...
so, the chassis number was OK...
I can see Your delima Wayne, and I'm just glad that We don't have the major rust problems you have over there.
Winter isn't far away here, so its the best time of the year to drive Our
Beetles...  24C today, was 35C+ a week ago...
Lee Noonan   68Autobug      Australia

Lee Noonan
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Hi Wayne, it's Dan (MY72BUG)   We met at the Kitchener Bug Out last summer.  Think twice before you touch a Mexican beetle!  For one thing you will have GST and import duty on it as it is not 25 years old.  You must also be aware that since it is not an antique you may be called upon to upgrade the bug to meet Canadian safety standards and no bug can do that.  I met one guy in the USA who got stuck with an unlicenceable bug when he got hooked into a "deal " on a Mexi-beetle.  This is why the VW dealers could not import them up here and they would have loved to do so.  Want to preserve your car?  Oil spray is the only answer.  It doesn't have to be heavy or even noticeable but it will rust-proof your bug with no hassles and no other outlay.  Failing that go onto Collector Car Trader.com and plug in Volkswagen and do a search in Arizona.  I was there in early March and good rust-free Bugs are there for the taking at all prices.  I had my eye on a powder blue 1968 in great condition for $1800 but it got voted down by the finance minister(ess) For much less than a Mexibeetle you can still buy the real thing and importing it would be a walk in the park.   Dan ( MY72BUG)  in Goderich
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