A friend in Germany is putting together a book on the Super Beetle and needs some photos of some the SE models.
Here's what he is looking for:
Sports Bug 1973
Sun Bug 1974
La Grande Bug 1975
Chocolate Beetle 1975
Sun Bug 1974
Triple White Convertible 1976 to 1979
Bicentennial Convertible 1976
Champagne Convertible 1977
Champagne Edition II 1978
Epilog Convertible 1979
Wolfsburg Edition Convertible 1979
If you have one of these models and would like it this new book please contact Alexander at Alexander.Storz@gmx.de. He's looking for high-rez pictures of at least 1MB.
Wayne Dean
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He is already in Germany so he should contact the TYP15.com website for the convertible pictures.  There are about 800 to choose from and most of the special editions are included therein.  The Stiftung Automuseum Volkswagen would also be an excellent source of photos.     Dan in Goderich
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