I completely striped my 71 bug and painted it inside and out.  Last night I was trying to reinstall the window, regulator and all new seals.  This is a royal pain - with that said the windows are really tight after installation, and I had a really hard time getting the scrapers installed. Does anyone have any ideas on making the windows roll easier.

Secondly, if you are going to pull apart your doors to paint the car DO NOT remove the window regulator system, it can stay in the car.  Also, DO NOT throw away the metal clips that hold the felt to the door, they are like $30 for the set.
71 Super Beetle
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I replaced the window regulator in my Beetle due to a stiff window and my arms were cut to pieces. What a pain in the rear. Did you lube the cable? Also try some silicone spray in the run channels.

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Here is a little trick that I learned when dealing with new window scrapers:  Talcum Powder !  The rubber to glass seal sticks like a demon so grab a cheap tin of body talc, pull back the rubber from the glass and drizzel it down into the space.  Use the Mk. 1 human finger to spread it around in there.  Wind the window up and down a few times and wipe away the excess.  Eventually there will be no more deposited on the window, the car will smell suitably floral or muskey or whatever and your window will happily glide up and down,  keeping the seal but not binding between the glass and the rubber.   And yes, installing the new scrapers and the whole window assembly was one of the absolute toughest jobs I did during my restoration.  Dan (MY72BUG) in Goderich
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