Hi guys. I'm Enrico from Italy. 4 years ago I opened a blog dedicated to Sprintstar wheels. What I want is to put together as much people as possible who own Sprintstar Wheels...
You are welcome if you want to post the pictures of your Volkswagen with Sprintstars, or even if you only want to take a look at the other cars.
You are welcome even if you have a set of sprintstars and you want to sell them, or if you're looking for a set of these wonderful wheels, no matter if original or replica, 4 or 5 bolts Smile

The blog is growing fast and with your support it can grow even faster.

We're waiting for you at the following address

Let me know if you like it. Any suggestion is welcome!!!!
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Looks like  great idea! I love Sprintstars!

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