Hi all. Have recently joined and have a quick question. My bus 'broke down' last week. The propshaft came away from the gearbox on one side. Got the RAC out to get me home and now I've looked at it on the weekend it seems the 6 bolts holding the propshaft  on to the gearbox have simply come undone....??? These wouldn't have been touched in the past 3 or 4 years and I've heard that most people have trouble undoing them...


My bus is parked in a layby during the day as I drive half way to work in the bus and cycle the other half.. I was talking to a guy at work who has 2 campers and he thought that maybe someone was trying to nick the coupling or something. Has anyone else had the bolts just come undone for no apparent reason? Or do you reckon someone would be messing with it?


PS I've put them back just so I can put the bus on ramps and it seems to drive fine. I'm going to get new locking washers, some threadlocker and torque them up properly this weekend so hopefully no harm done.

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So let me get this straight.  You went from trouble-free motoring to missing bolts without an interim session of the noisiest drive shaft clatter on the face of the earth?  I have removed drive shafts at the CV connections and they do require some very serious effort with a special tool.  If the bolts were working their way loose you would have had a very noticeable clatter on acceleration long before that last last bolt departed the scene.  With the shaft running off centre, the back of the van would have been hopping down the road in a rather unmistakable fashion.  In a nutshell, yes someone was trying to rip you off for your drive shaft.  Seek and destroy!  It's not as if these parts are unobtainable. 
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