would anyone know the main jets size needed for a 1776 motor ...the carbs are kadron that came off a 1600cc motor ... 

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Go ahead and try them first as the difference between the  two motors is not that large and the carbs seem to be jetted rich from the vendors to begin with. You might check with the PO to see if he/she changed the jets for their engine. But its not like a two stroke where you can burn it down by running it a little to lean, so don't be afraid to try them if you don't know. Get the carbs balanced out and then run it for a while and warm things up. Then take it out and run it in 3rd or 4th to the point where you are running at the higher RPM range...(don't blow the thing up!) and then turn off the engine and push on the clutch. Pull to a stop and pull out the plugs and look at them one at a time. If they are a light tan color you are running lean. If they are black or black and sootie you are running rich. If they are a chocolate color then it is just right... My single webers were a black and sootie to black on my 1600, my 1776 and my 1835 all with the same main jet that came in them stock. The only time it started to clean up to a chocolate color is when I put them on my 1904cc engine... But dual 44 webers run a lot better on that engine than the ict's.
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